2013 Technical Seminars


Track, Train, Troubleshoot for Heavyweight Belting
October 15-16, 2013
San Antonio, Texas



Track, Train, and Troubleshoot – TEXAS Style!
By Dick McConnell, Flexco, Edu/Tech Committee


The most recent addition to 3T took place in San Antonio on October 15th and 16th. A full house of 28 persons plus several from the host quarry made for an eventful exchange of ideas from a broad range of experience. The first day covered industry standards of conveyor construction, structure, PIW considerations, transfer point issues, and splice considerations. A generous cross section of NIBA member employees were in attendance. Distributors and manufacturers alike from organizations such as Quality Belt Maintenance, Flexco, Shaw Almex, Rubber and Gasket Company of America, All-State Belting, Conveyors and Equipment, Belcon-Regis Group, Belt Service Corp, Source Atlantic, and Conveyor Belt Service resulted in an active dialog.


Day two started with site specific safety training prior to reviewing belt performance in real world applications at CEMEX New Braunfels, TX quarry. The host plant produces over 11,000,000 tons of finished material annually. It proved to be a fantastic location for viewing the contrast of standards versus operational variations. Even in the rain, participants were Edu/Tech Committee heartily welcomed by the management of CEMEX and escorted to the quarry site where great care had been taken to offset the muddy conditions. This was hospitality Texas Style!


The end result is the class participants rated the value of the training very well. The host quarry was very accommodating, and the details of the event (lodging, transportation, food, etc.) was beautifully handled by SAMI. Our thanks go out to Jennifer and Sandy for their efforts.


The Edu/Tech committee would like to thank the NIBA board for their continued support and to the NIBA members who have the foresight to have key personnel benefit from this information exchange




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Lightweight Belting Basics
May 7-8, 2013
Denver, CO

This class was cancelled due to low attendance.


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Vulcanized and Mechanical Heavyweight Splice Training
March 12-14, 2013
Atlanta, GA


Heavy Weight Splice School 2013 –NIBA Members Joint Effort
By Dick McConnell, Education/Technical Committee, Flexco 

The NIBA Technical and Education Committee is always looking for ways to improve upon that which is established. This year, with the significant assistance of Almex Group, we were able to host the single largest HD Splicing seminar with the largest number of NIBA members on record. Member company participants included: Blair Rubber; Depreux; Flexco; Great Lakes Belting; Industrial Rubber Specialists; Kaman Industrial; Mulhern Belting; Nashville Rubber and Gasket; Quality Belt Services; Regional Conveyor Services; REMA Tip Top; Rubber and Accessories; Texas Rubber; Turner Supply; and Virginia Carolina Belting. In addition, there were member supported facilitators or observers from an additional seven companies. We should be proud of the action in which these member companies engaged to support the training events geared to strengthen the belting industry.

During the two and one half day event, attendees with all levels of splicing experience were encouraged to participate in interactive classroom training. Instruction on the myths of “this is how we’ve always done it” arguments versus industry standards made for engaging dialog. Splicing choices were first pre-empted through detailed understanding of how a conveyor belt is manufactured. This was followed by performance parameters throughout the conveyor structure. Terms such as T1 and T2, operating versus rated tension, motor HP calculation for operating tension, and all manner of splicing considerations were detailed. Hands-on vulcanizing training both step and finger splicing, set the stage for understanding the underlying chemistry of the process, as well as techniques for maximizing the splice strength. Mechanical splicing also played a role. Benefits and limitations were discussed, as was selection and installation demonstrations. The event was concluded by pull testing adhesions on the class’ sample splices. This made for some surprising results and very active class participation and interactive learning.

The Technical and Education committee is grateful for the support of the members and the NIBA Board. It is also paramount to recognize Almex Group for hosting the event at their new spacious and state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta, GA. The record breaking size of the 2013 HD Splice school could not have been possible without their support. As it is, the attendees were exposed to the best the industry has to offer, setting the stage for challenging the experienced and educating the




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