2017 Membership Committee


Committee Chair

Glenn Siemer, Accurate Industrial Inc

2017 Committee Members

Dell Gutknecht, Reichel-Korfmann Co, Inc
Rich Holderman, LewisGoetz
Mandy Lushch, Jerry Bros Industries Inc
Todd Miller, Beltservice Corporation
Susan Moir, Shaw Almex Industries
Crystal Shi, Shanghai YongLi Belting Co Ltd
Michael Wieland, Mulhern Belting Inc
Shannon Zirkle, International Rubber Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Mission Statement

To ensure the perpetuation of NIBA by maintaining an active plan to preserve existing membership and to sustain a continuous recruitment of qualified prospective members.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of eight members plus the Chair.


  1. The committee is responsible for all membership recruiting and retention activities, including promotional materials.
  2. The committee publishes an annual membership directory.
  3. The committee verifies eligibility of all applicants for NIBA membership, and recommends approval or disapproval to the Board of Directors.

Strategic Goals for 2016-17 through 2019-20

Initiative: Increase Distributor Membership

There are five priorities to be owned by the Membership Committee.

  • Commit to stretch goal of 10% distributor membership growth.
  • Develop a revised outreach program.
  • Develop an approach to reactivate past members.
  • Prepare recommendations for approval by board/membership as appropriate.
  • Implement the approved recommendations and other changes that did not require approval.