2017 Marketing Committee


Committee Chair

Kerry Meacham, Flexco

2017 Committee Members

Troy Cobb, D E Shipp Belting Company
Jenny Dakos, Gates Mectrol Corp
Gregg Hanson, Apache Inc
Frank Hyclak, ContiTech – NAFTA
Mark Jadwin, Midwest Industrial Rubber Inc
Jackie Robb Britt, Rubber & Accessories Inc
Kerry Mosher, Beltservice Corporation
Michael VandenAkker, Sparks Belting Company

Mission Statement

To promote the services, benefits, and value of NIBA, to the global markets through effective communication and research.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of eight members plus the Chair.


  1. The committee periodically surveys the NIBA membership regarding various NIBA programs.  These surveys are on behalf of all other NIBA committees.
  2. The committee maintains the NIBA sales catalog of all items offered for sale to NIBA members.
  3. The committee oversees production and publication of the NIBA Beltline newsletter.
  4. The committee promotes the use of the NIBA logo and assures it is used properly.
  5. The committee is responsible for all promotional activities on behalf of other NIBA committees.
  6. The committee is responsible for direction, content, and maintenance of the NIBA website.

Strategic Goals for 2016-17 through 2019-20

Initiative: Improve Two-way Communication with Members

There is one priority for the Marketing Committee:

Review how we do outgoing/incoming communications and recommend/implement changes to improve effectiveness.