James Salveson

A Note from René Morf, NIBA Historian

Early spring of 2009, I called Jim Salveson to ask for permission to meet with him for an interview about his professional life and NIBA’s involvement. Jim graciously agreed and immediately invited me to his home for some coffee and cookies.

A few weeks later, on May 11 and on my way to visit the Hagley Museum in Wilmington, DE for the third time to unearth some more old documents related to NIBA’s early years, I stopped by the Salveson’s home for the interview.

James Salveson is a NIBA Honorary Member since 1995, retired and lives together with his wife Angela near Philadelphia, PA. The two of them kindly received me with open arms and let me spent memorable 3 hours with them at the kitchen table chatting about the belting industry, Jim’s professional life and his memories of NIBA.

By watching the attached video, you too are invited to visit with the Salvesons and learn interesting information about them, the good ol’ days of NIBA and details about some of its member personalities.

Jim and Angela were great hosts and willingly shared reflections from their belting days. The things I learned were invaluable, as many facts and circumstances were new to me. I would like to use this opportunity to again say thank you to Jim and Angela Salveson for taking the time to meet with me and making this great afternoon possible.

René Morf
NIBA Historian

P.S. I used a simple small photo camera to capture pictures and video of the afternoon. Technically, it wasn’t the best set up given the limited equipment and the strong counter light coming from the kitchen window behind Jim and Angela, which every so often caused the camera to darken the foreground and thus their faces. I tried my best avoiding this but was not always successful. Given the casual and social nature of the sit down along with the one man based logistics of conducting the interview while documenting, filming, photographing, socializing, drinking coffee and eating delicious cookies all at the same time, I am still happy with the outcome.



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