2014 Products & Services Committee

Committee Chair

John Grasmeyer, Sparks Belting Company

2013 Committee Members

Bo Fisher, Maxi-Lift Inc
Rich Holderman, LewisGoetz
Mark Jadwin, Midwest Industrial Rubber Inc
Steve Maddux Sr, Knoxville Rubber & Gasket Co
Beth Miller, Flexco
René Morf, VIS USA LLC
Jonathan Morgan, Forbo Siegling LLC
Rohan Prabhakar, International Rubber Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Brian Schachner, Vaughn Belting Company Inc

Mission Statement

To enhance the value of NIBA Membership by providing economic benefit through various products & services.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of nine members plus the Chair. Both distributor/fabricator and manufacturer members are represented on the committee. Their product or service background is taken into account as much as possible. Committee should contain four Distributor/Fabricator members.


  1. The committee administers NIBA’s scholarship program.
  2. The committee seeks out products and services that will enhance the value of NIBA membership.

2014-16 Strategic Goals