Fast Facts: What was the world like in the 2012?

  • Facebook debuts on the stock market in what became one of the biggest (or at least most decried) IPO disasters mankind had ever witnessed
  • The Space Shuttle flew for the last time in 2011, but the individual spacecrafts made their way to their final homes this year. The Endeavour, pictured here, had to go through the streets of Los Angeles to arrive at its final destination
  • Frankenstorm Sandy hits the North East of the United States, causing billions in damage and killing more than a hundred people. In this image, the Con Edison power plant on New York’s 14th Street explodes
  •  Republican Mitt Romney loses the 2012 US Presidential election to Obama
  • A heavily-armed gunman kills twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. It’s one of the worst tragedies in American history. Following widespread public outrage, President Obama vows to pass legislation on gun control

What was NIBA like?

  • Online training is launched on www.niba.org. The first course offering is the 3T: Track, Train, Troubleshoot for Heavyweight Belting.
  • NIBA Twitter launches.
  • NIBA.org logins become available for any employee of a NIBA member company.  This allows many more people access to valuable technical articles and resources.
  • The “Proud Member of NIBA” logo is released.  Member companies are encouraged to display it on their website and other materials.
  • The Annual Convention, held at Walt Disney World, is made family-friendly with programs for children as well as spouses. Childcare is also offered at key times.

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