2010 Technical Seminars

Heavyweight Splicing

Atlanta, GA
April 6-7, 2010


Bigger and Better than Ever, NIBA Splice Seminar A Full House

By Dick McConnell, Flexco

The Technical and Education Committee held the annual splice school in Atlanta, Georgia in early April.  This year’s host was ISSI/Conveying Solutions LLC.  Their belt shop was transformed to a well-staged area accommodating 25 participants for the two-day event.  Interactive classroom activity was combined with hands on demonstration with both vulcanizing and mechanical fastener splicing techniques. This year a new twist was added – the entire event was professionally videotaped.

The impact of the seminar is in the details.  Starting with belting construction and the dynamics of belt performance during normal operation, influences such as drive systems, take up, transition distances, and material conveyed were directly applied to how splice performance is affected.  These operating parameters were then related to the necessity of choosing the correct splice for the application.

More than just adhering two belt ends together, vulcanizing was detailed in terms of the science and chemistry involved in maximizing splice proficiency.  Precise procedure in measuring, preparing, and applying materials to the belt ends was detailed.  The class learned of the number of shortcuts which can abbreviate splice life.  This was supported through splice samples detailing the cause of failure.  This segment was concluded through adhesion testing of the participants’ splice samples.

Mechanical fastener basics followed.  Discussion on squaring belt ends, plate vs. hinged, bolt vs. rivet, and screw vs. staple splices was explained.  Sizing the correct fastener and choosing the correct fastener metal was also detailed.  Attendees participated in several installation demonstrations.  The segment was concluded with troubleshooting mechanical splice performance.

The diverse representation of the attendees made for a healthy interaction and resulted in very positive feedback of the course content.  The detail exposed in the vulcanizing process, the degree of interaction, the hands on activity, and overall course content yielded strong approval ratings from the class.

The Technical and Education committee is currently making plans for the next installment of Track Train and Troubleshoot for October of 2010.  Ideas for creating additional NIBA training events are always welcomed.

Thanks to all NIBA members for their continued support.  It is through these seminars our organization increases the aptitude of our member employees.




On-site Materials

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Track, Train, Troubleshoot for Heavyweight Belting

Cedar Rapids, IA
October 19-20, 2010


Track, Train, and Troubleshoot – Success with a Twist

By Dick McConnell, Flexco

The fourth installment of NIBA‘s 3T seminar was recently held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  The event was sold out.  The site visitation was extraordinary, and the participants rated the seminar very high.  The twist was holding the class at Apache Hose and Belting.  As a directive of Vernon Smith, the Education/Technical Committee Chair, wanting to broaden involvement of the NIBA membership and the generosity of Apache to locate an aggregate producer for a site visit, a total of 27 people from both distributors and manufacturers actively participated in the two day examination of identifying conveyor belt performance issues.

The first day included instruction and classroom dialog on industry standards for conveyor belt construction, splicing considerations, tracking, transition distances, and detailed troubleshooting information.  The class was challenged to determine how events from one performance issue can translate to another.  This empowers the participants to consider the complete conveyor performance prior to making corrective recommendations.  The second day at Wendling Quarries offered an excellent platform from which to apply the knowledge to a real world application.  The group then spent time reviewing their findings as small groups and presented them to the class for wrap-up discussion.

Track, Train, and Troubleshoot for Heavyweight Belting is a valuable tool for NIBA members who want to afford their key employees empowering knowledge of conveyor belt performance.  Contrasting the differences between industry standards and real world applications empowers those attending to offer belt performance solutions in a practical and equity building manner with your customers.

Thanks to the NIBA membership who consistently support this seminar and to Apache Hose and Belting for their contributions as the host.


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Lightweight Basics

Tampa, FL
November  16-17, 2010


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