Program Committee 2011

Committee Chair

John P. Green, Green Rubber – Kennedy Ag

2011 Committee Members

James Hill, Veyance Technologies Inc/Goodyear
Jason Jones, Belt Power LLC
Scott Kesner, IBT, Inc.
Elysia McKinney, Forbo Movement Systems/Transtex Belting
Ana Laura Munoz Enriquez, Vysisa de CV
Scott Phillips, Global Belting Technologies
Rodney Roalsen, Rubber & Plastics Inc
Tom Wujek, Flexco

Mission Statement

To develop a program for the NIBA annual Convention that provides a forum for members to communicate, learn, and promote their common business interests.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of eight members plus the Chair. Committee members should represent both distributor/fabricator and manufacturer members from various product lines and geographic areas including, if possible, the city where the following annual Convention will take place.


  1. The committee organizes the annual Convention, with concurrence of the Board of Directors.
  2. At the June meeting of the Board of Directors, the committee chair will present the Executive Committee-approved budget for the upcoming Convention.
  3. Additional ad-hoc committee members appointed by the chair as necessary.

2011-13 Strategic Goals

  • Determine Ideal Format for Conference Booth Program – Consider when during the Annual Convention is the best time to hold the Conference Booth Program.
  • Further Develop the Spouse Program – Continue to work on expansion of the Spouse Program, possibly through an ad hoc committee of spouses with a committee member serving as Chair.
  • Examine Fee Structure – Project revenue scenarios based on different discount offers. (e.g.: reduced rates for employees of main member, a single-day pass, access to only the booth program, lowered rates for first-timers, etc.)
  • Evaluate Length of Convention – Survey membership and analyze input on the length and structure of the Annual Convention.
  • Consider Structured Business Meeting Time – Consider benefits of arranging an event for members to conduct private business meetings during a specific time.