Products & Services Committee 2010


Committee Chair

Jeff Leach, Passaic Rubber Company

2010 Committee Members

James Bishop, Rema Tip Top – NA
Jessica Burgess, Stroup & Son Ltd
Mike Burkholder, Blair Rubber Company
Kerry Cummings, Connecticut Valley Rubber, Inc
Bill Lewis, Advanced Flexible Composites Inc
René Morf, VIS USA LLC
Richard Reynolds, Flexco
Linda Saunders, Canadian Bearings Ltd
Roberta Scott, Lewis-Goetz & Company Inc

Mission Statement

To enhance the value of NIBA Membership by providing economic benefit through various products & services.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of nine members plus the Chair. Both distributor/fabricator and manufacturer members are represented on the committee. Their product or service background is taken into account as much as possible. Committee should contain four Distributor/Fabricator members.


  1. The committee administers NIBA’s scholarship program.
  2. The committee seeks out products and services that will enhance the value of NIBA membership.

2007-10 Strategic Goals

  • Increase NIBA Committee Participation
  • Develop a plan for Web Site Overhaul
  • Develop Accreditation Program for Seminars
  • Develop Discount Program
  • Develop members rewards program
  • Develop recruiting tools and program
  • Establish Stand-alone P/BS Committee
  • Explore NIBA’s International Presence
  • Research methods of attracting young talents to the industry
  • Revamp scholarships to benefit members