Membership Committee 2010


Committee Chair

Tom Pientok, Apache Hose & Belting Inc

2010 Committee Members

Terri Boyle, AccuPad Inc
Kip Kerby, Great Lakes Belting & Supply Corp
Jackie Robb Britt, Rubber & Accessories Inc
Brian Schachner, Vaughn Belting Company Inc
John Shelton, Belt Power
Michael Stein, Flexco
Doug Turk, Midwest Rubber Service & Supply Co
Michael VandenAkker, Sparks Belting Company

Mission Statement

To ensure the perpetuation of NIBA by maintaining an active plan to preserve existing membership and to sustain a continuous recruitment of qualified prospective members.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of eight members plus the Chair.


  1. The committee is responsible for all membership recruiting and retention activities, including promotional materials.
  2. The committee publishes an annual membership directory.
  3. The committee verifies eligibility of all applicants for NIBA membership, and recommends approval or disapproval to the Board of Directors.

2007-10 Strategic Goals

  • Increase NIBA Committee Participation
  • Increase NIBA Participation
  • Design Spouse Organization
  • Increase Depth of NIBA Contact List
  • NIBA Prospecting
  • Explore NIBA’s International Presence