Education Technical Committee 2010


Committee Chair

Vernon Smith, Universal Belting Resource

2010 Committee Members

Michael Baker, Advanced Flexible Composites
Michael Bruhn, Midwest Industrial Rubber Inc
Michael Cremeens, Shaw Almex Industries
Erik Dewitt, Gates Mectrol Inc
John Grasmeyer, Sparks Belting Company
Joe Haen, Kaman Industrial Technologies
Galen Knight, Dunham Rubber & Belting Corp
Dick McConnell, Flexco
Jonathan Morgan, Forbo Siegling LLC
Dan Paustian, Nitta Corporation of America
Jay Short, Legg Company Inc
Glenn Siemer, Accurate Industrial, Inc
Ron Volk, Ammeraal Beltech Inc

Mission Statement

To educate NIBA members by providing technical information and training materials relative to conveyor belting, flat power transmission belting and accessories.

Committee Members

The Committee is comprised of thirteen members plus the Chair. Both distributor/fabricator and manufacturer members are represented on the committee. Their product or service background is taken into account as much as possible.


  1. The committee surveys the membership to determine specific training and education needs.
  2. The committee studies, monitors, and presents to the membership updates in advances in EDI, bar coding and other technologies important to the membership.
  3. The committee provides belting-related training materials in a variety of mediums.
  4. The committee is responsible for maintenance of, and additions to, the Engineering Handbook and NIBA Tech-Notes.
  5. The committee organizes and conducts Technical Seminar trainings.
  6. The committee participates in the annual Convention by making technical presentations as requested by the Program Committee.
  7. The committee collects various current belt standards and maintains a library of them for distribution to the NIBA membership upon request.

2007-10 Strategic Goals

  • Establish Combined Technical/Education Committee
  • Revamp Education/Technical Committee
  • Increase NIBA Committee Participation
  • Develop a plan for Web Site Overhaul
  • Develop Accreditation Program for Seminars
  • Develop Broader List of In-House Trainers
  • More Training Seminars in Non-U.S. Locations
  • Training on Demand – Web