2012 Benefits


Working Advantage

This program allows you to save up to 60% on tickets, travel and shopping. NIBA members are also encouraged to extend this benefit to their employees and their families.

Association Education Alliance (AEA)

NIBA members save on all trainings executed by the AEA, from $50 on monthly webinars to $1,000 on the well-known University of Industrial Distribution (UID) program held at Purdue University.
Monthly Webinars: NIBA members save $50
University of Industrial Distribution: NIBA members save $1,000

Biz Library

NIBA and BizLibrary have partnered to bring our member companies a vast catalogue of available e-learning courses. BizLibrary offers online training programs designed to develop Business and Professional Skills, Regulatory Compliance, IT Skills, Sales Skills, Leadership, Project Management, Interpersonal Skills, and more. The course management tools allow Business Managers or Human Resource Managers to schedule courses for their staff with just a few mouse clicks, and courses are available anywhere you have an Internet connection.